We help businesses research product compliance requirements, and implement these steps in practice. Our expertise is primarily centered on the EU and US. But, we also offer services related to product compliance requirements in the UK and other countries.

Note: You can use the Compliance Gate Platform (Link) to self-manage most of the process, for the covered product categories. This service is intended for companies that prefer a done-for-you solution – or if your product is not covered by our platform.

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Need help identifying compliance requirements for your product? We provide research services covering the following:

  • Regulations
  • Standards
  • Certification requirements
  • Labeling requirements
  • Lab testing requirements

Deliverable: PDF report


We can also help you with the practical implementation of compliance requirements. This can include the following:

  • Create product label files
  • Create packaging label files
  • Create declarations and certificates
  • Write user instructions
  • Create technical documentation
  • Manage lab testing


1. We usually provide an upfront fixed rate on a per-assignemnt basis. Here are some examples:

  • Research packaging labeling requirements: 450 USD
  • Research EU PPE regulation requirements: 1200 USD
  • Create DoC and CE label file: 420 USD
  • Create CPC and tracking label file: 420 USD

2. The quotation provides a clearly defined set of milestones

3. The cost ultimately depends on the scope and complexity of the assignment.

Terms of Service

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