Managed Projects & Consulting

We provide project management and consulting services as a complement to the Compliance Gate Platform (link) or as standalone services. We sometimes offer project management and consulting in-house, or in collaboration with consultants and service providers in our network.

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Example A: Compliance Project Management

We help the customer manage lab testing and create label files and certificates. We manage this using the Compliance Gate Platform, and all the files are created and saved in the clients account.

We manage communication with lab test companies and suppliers to coordinate the following:

  • Product sample delivery
  • Label file submission
  • Certificate submission

In short, we manage the project on your behalf. You can then replicate the process in the future, or hire us again if you prefer to let us manage the compliance process in part or full on an ongoing basis.

Example B: General Consulting

We offer consulting services within our areas of expertise, which largely covers the scope of the Compliance Gate Platform. Further, we also offer consulting on the practical supply chain aspects of the product compliance process.

How do you charge for these services?

We prefer to work with a pre-determined project scope on a fixed cost basis. However, we can also work on an hourly rate.