Fredrik Grönkvist (Director)

Fredrik Grönvist has a background in manufacturing and quality assurance, primarily in China and Vietnam. His work covered a wide range of product categories, including electronics, food contact materials, children’s products, textiles, watches, and more.

This work also required an understanding of general product safety, lab testing procedures, labeling requirements, and certification.

He also noticed that both buyers and manufacturers struggled to understand product standards and other requirements – and what it meant in practice on the factory floor. Buyers often assumed that their suppliers in Asia had them covered – while manufacturers expected their customers to keep track of requirements on their own countries and markets.

This misalignment resulted in numerous incidents of failed lab tests, incorrectly labeled and documented products – time and time again.

Hence, it became clear that there was a big demand for practical information about standards, labeling, testing, and certification.

In 2019, he took the initiative to launch as an open knowledge base where importers, Amazon sellers, and manufacturers can learn about these topics.

Areas of expertise

  • Supply chain risk management
  • Product development
  • Quality assurance

Media & contributions

  • Alibaba Insights
  • Global sources
  • Bloomberg
  • Swedish National Electrical Safety Board
  • South China Morning Post
  • Quartz Magazine

Ivan Malloci (CTO)

Ivan Malloci completed his Ph.D. in Control Systems at Nancy University, during which he contributed to the development of a hot strip mill control system for ArcelorMittal – one of the world’s leading steelmakers. In 2010, Ivan moved to China where he spent two years as a Postdoc researcher at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou.

His involvement in product compliance started when he helped research standards, labeling, documentation, and testing requirements for electronics products – as part of his work in sourcing and manufacturing. Ivan has since then expanded his expertise to cover additional product categories.

Ivan Malloci brings a technical and analytical perspective to He is both involved in the development of our knowledge base, and the maintenance and development of our website and platform.

Areas of expertise

  • Safety standards
  • Research

John Vinod Khiatani (Content & Research)

John Vinod Khiatani has a PCLL and Juris Doctor in Law (Hong Kong) from the City University of Hong Kong, a Masters of Finance degree from Curtin University of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science Degree with double Major in (Business) Management and Financial Management from the University of Upper Iowa.

He has worked in the legal education sector and has served as the Editor-in-chief of the City University of Hong Kong Law Review where he gained experience in legal research, legal writing & drafting, and journal publication.

Additionally, he has also co-authored an article published in the Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal in the area of Criminal Justice and Human Rights.

His main responsibilities at include researching and writing articles about safety standards, lab testing, labeling, and certification requirements.

Areas of expertise

  • Legal writing & drafting
  • Legal research

Yvette Shen (Content & Research)

Yvette Shen graduated with a BA in Psychology from Menlo College, California, USA. She has fully translated an autobiography from Chinese to English. She also worked as a content writer for startups in the AI tech industry, where she was responsible for creating interactive content, and testing, and troubleshooting content for improving user experience.

Her main responsibilities at include researching and writing articles about safety standards, lab testing, labeling, and certification requirements.

Areas of expertise

  • Writing
  • Research

Our Vision was launched with the aim of helping importers, manufacturers, and Amazon sellers better understand the practical aspects of product compliance. We primarily provide information and solutions related to general product safety, lab testing, labeling requirements, documentation requirements, and related supply chain risks.

In 2023, we launched a Swedish language version of Compliance Gate on

We are currently developing a supplier directory focused on manufacturers in Europe, Turkey, and Mexico. Our objective is to rate suppliers in part based on compliance and sustainability based scoring system. Learn more on

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