Fredrik Grönkvist (Director)

Fredrik Gronkvist

Fredrik Gronkvist is a co-founder of and is based in Hong Kong. He has a background in manufacturing and quality assurance and has contributed to Bloomberg, BBC, South China Morning Post, and the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board.

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Ivan Malloci (CTO)

Ivan Malloci

Ivan Malloci is a co-founder of and is based in Hong Kong. He completed his Ph.D. in Control Systems at Nancy University, during which he contributed to the development of a hot strip mill control system for ArcelorMittal.

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John Vinod Khiatani (Research)

John Vinod Khiatani

John Vinod Khiatani is a researcher and writer at He holds a PCLL and Juris Doctor in Law (Hong Kong) from the City University of Hong Kong, a Masters of Finance degree from Curtin University of Technology.

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Yvette Shen (Content)

Yvette Shen

Yvette Shen is a content writer at She graduated with a BA in Psychology from Menlo College in California. She has fully translated an autobiography from Chinese to English. She also worked as content writer for startups in the AI tech industry.

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What we do was launched with the aim of helping importers, manufacturers, and Amazon sellers better understand the practical aspects of product compliance. The Compliance Gate Platform is our flagship product. We also develop a free knowledge base consisting of articles and videos on product compliance related subjects.

In 2023, we launched a Swedish language version of Compliance Gate on

We are currently developing a supplier directory focused on manufacturers in Europe, Turkey, and Mexico. Our objective is to rate suppliers in part based on compliance and sustainability based scoring system. Learn more on

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