• List of Product Liability Insurance Companies in Australia

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    Australia Product Liability Insurance Companies

    Planning to import or manufacture products in Australia? In this guide, we list Australian product liability insurers, brokers, and agencies.

    We also explain why product liability insurance is necessary for Australian importers, brands, and Amazon sellers.

    What is product liability insurance?

    Importers and manufacturers can be held liable if their products cause injury or property damage. Examples include electrical hazards, fire hazards, unsafe toys, and products containing excessive amounts of restricted chemicals and heavy metals.

    Product liability insurance generally covers legal costs and expenses – at least in part.

    Keep in mind that product safety issues are not always caused by neglect. Defects can occur at any stage of the manufacturing process, which in turn may result in safety issues at some point.

    Is product liability insurance mandatory in Australia?

    Product liability insurance is often optional. However, certain retailers may require that their suppliers (including importers) be covered by product liability insurance. Amazon also requires sellers exceeding certain revenue limits to purchase product liability insurance.

    Product Liability Insurers

    Insurers (also referred to as insurance companies) provides various types of insurance coverage for businesses, which might include product liability insurance policies. The company assesses the risk related to your business and then charges a premium based on your coverage requirements.

    While insurers issue the policies and might even sell them directly to companies, brokers and agencies only resell policies issued by one or more insurers.

    Brokers represent the clients, and usually offer a wide range of different policies, as they collaborate with several insurers. Agencies have a more limited offer as, in general, they have exclusive deals with one or a limited number of insurers.

    QBE Insurance (Australia)

    QBE Insurance Group is one of the top 50 insurance companies in the world. It provides insurance services for a wide range of industries, including product liability, professional liability, and worker compensation insurance.

    The company offers product liability insurance for businesses of any size, such as Amazon sellers and manufacturers.

    Their product liability insurance coverage helps you to protect your business from claims or compensation against injury or damage caused by your products. For large businesses, the coverage includes risks related to exported products and expenses in the case of a product recall.

    Insurance Scope

    • Personal injuries coverage
    • Property damages coverage
    • Product recalls expense coverage
    • Misleading advertising liability coverage

    Address: Level 18, 388 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

    AIG Australia

    Established in 1919, AIG Australia is a leading insurance company with offices in 80 countries. The company provides a wide range of services such as product liability insurance, life insurance, and property-casualty insurance.

    Their product liability insurance covers the cost of legal defense and compensation related to defective products, such as products that caused personal injuries to consumers due to a defective design. The company can help you to devise appropriate protection against such risks, and provide flexible coverage with a capacity of up to AUD 50 million.

    Insurance Scope

    • Risk mitigation coverage
    • Personal injuries coverage
    • Exported products coverage
    • Flexible coverage

    Address: Level 19, 2 Park Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

    Allianz Australia Insurance

    Allianz has a 130-year history of providing insurance services to over 100 million customers across 70 countries. Allianz Australia Insurance offers a wide range of insurances and risk management products, including product liability insurance, industrial insurance, and personal insurance.

    Their product liability insurance provides protection against injuries or property damages caused by defective products, which also include legal fees due to a claim. In addition, their experts can provide consultation when you need to defend against a claim.

    Insurance Scope

    • Flexible coverage
    • Injury coverage
    • Property coverage
    • Legal fee coverage

    Address: 10 Carrington St, Sydney, NSW,2000, Australia

    AXA XL

    AXA XL is the specialty risk division of AXA, which provides risk mitigation solutions to mid-sized to large companies. The company offers both traditional and innovative insurance solutions and services in over 200 countries.

    AXA XL offers product liability insurance services to both domestic and international companies, covering a wide range of industries and occupations. The company can help you to identify and assess the risks related to your products, and provide solutions for avoiding or reducing them.

    AXA XL coverage includes product recalls, environmental damages, and manufacturing omissions risks.

    Insurance Scope

    • Risk management solutions
    • Product recalls coverage
    • Environmental damages coverage
    • Manufacturing errors and omissions coverage

    Address: Level 28, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

    Product Liability Insurance Brokers

    Insurance brokers act as an intermediary between a client, say a manufacturing company that wants to protect its own business against claims, and an insurance company, or insurer. Brokers can help you to better identify what policy and insurer best suit your needs, by offering a wide choice of options.

    An insurance broker is different from an insurance agency. Even though agencies can also offer advice on what policies suits you best, they represent a limited number of insurers (sometimes even only one), due to the fact that they tend to work with exclusive contracts.

    Guard Insurance

    Founded in 2008 in Brisbane, Guard Insurance is a broker that specializes in business insurance services, including product liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and management liability insurance.

    The company can help you to identify what coverage is more suitable for your business needs, and review the policy before you sign it. Also, Guard Insurance can provide consultation services related to risk management. For example, they can review the production agreement between your company and your sub-contractors, to help minimize the risks due to defective products.

    Finally, the company has a dedicated department that can help you to manage claims.

    Service Scope

    • Insurance coverage recommendation
    • Claims management
    • Policy reviews
    • Risk assessment and recommendation

    Address: 3/915 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD, 4006, Australia

    Smart Business Insurance

    Smart Business Insurance is a business insurance broker that can help you to source product liability insurance quotes and provide general advice. They focus on sole traders and small businesses, offering both yearly and monthly payments options. The company also acts as a representative in the case of a claim and can handle the reimbursement process on your behalf, so that you don’t have to deal directly with the insurer.

    Product Categories

    • Food and drinks
    • Clothing products
    • Household appliances
    • Mobile phones
    • Computer hardware accessories

    Service Scope

    • Product liability insurance quote sourcing
    • Cost evaluations
    • Third-party consultation
    • Client representative in court

    Address: Level 3, 9-11 Claremont Street, South Yarra, VIC, 3141, Australia

    Finsura Group Australia

    Finsura Group Australia has been a specialist insurance broker since 1980, providing services for product liability insurance, life insurance, and compensation consulting. The company can help you to analyze, customize, and negotiate insurance packages on your behalf.

    The company also provides product liability insurance consulting against claims that are caused by defective products. The company can assist in identifying the risks related to your business, and help you to find a suitable insurance plan for your specific case, including product recall coverage.

    Product Categories

    Service Scope

    • Product reviews and risk assessment
    • Product recall coverage
    • Workers compensation management
    • Special risk insurance

    Address: 8 McMullen Ave, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154, Australia

    Webber Insurance Group

    Webber Insurance is an insurance brokerage firm founded in 2011. The company provides flexible insurance services, including product liability, business liability, contractors, and professional insurance.

    As a third-party consultant, the company can identify the needs of your businesses and recommend the right insurance coverage for it. In addition, the company can negotiate insurance coverage with insurers on your behalf.

    Service Scope

    • Product liability insurance recommendation
    • Product liability insurance negotiation
    • Insurance coverage consulting
    • Risk assessments

    Address: 328A Magill Road, Kensington Park, SA, 5068, Australia

    Business Insurance Specialists

    Business Insurance Specialists is an insurance brokerage firm founded in 2003 and provides solutions to manufacturers and importers, including product liability insurance sourcing, and evaluation. The company offers services to a wide range of industries including clothing, furniture, and safety equipment manufacturers.

    The company can help you to find suitable product liability insurance coverage based on your business needs, for example, personal injuries or property caused by defective products. It offers product liability insurance services to businesses of any size, such as SME, medium, and large businesses.

    Product Categories

    • Food and beverage
    • Furniture
    • Clothing
    • Footwear
    • Timber and wood
    • Polymers and rubber
    • Machinery equipment
    • Safety equipment
    • Chemical products

    Service Scope

    • Insurance recommendation
    • Risk assessment and solutions
    • Cost evaluation
    • Claim management

    Address: Lvl 9 / 97 Creek St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

    Product Liability Insurance Agencies

    Insurance agencies are authorized by one or more insurers to sell their insurance services, often via exclusive deals. While an agency might collaborate with more than one insurer, their offer is usually quite limited.

    Conversely, insurance brokers tend to offer policies from a wider range of insurers and offer additional services such as risk management assessment and representation during a claim.

    Public Liability Australia

    Public Liability Australia is an insurance agency that offers product liability and public liability insurances. The company can provide general advice and help you to compare quotes its partners, which include the following insurers:

    • Berkley Insurance Australia
    • AIG
    • DUAL
    • QBE
    • VERO
    • Relyon Insurance

    Service Scope

    • Insurance prices comparison
    • Online insurance purchase form (no paperwork)

    Address: Level 2, 338 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

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