Electronic Product Compliance in Practice: By Fabien Gaussorgues

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fabien sofeast

Electronic product compliance goes beyond listing safety standards and paperwork. Ensuring compliance when importing, exporting or manufacturing electronic devices starts at the drawing board.

In this article, Fabien Gaussorgues of Sofeast Limited in Shenzhen, shares his profound technical expertise and explains what electronic product compliance really means in practice.

How do you normally assess which electronics standards and regulations apply to a product?

To generalize the very start of a New Product Specifications Development, the initial design requirements document would show what problem the product is going to solve and high level product expectations that will be experienced directly or indirectly by the end user. This document would also have design constraints such as size, weight, and major functionalities.

So now we have a starting point, it is time to start designing the product, this needs to be broken down into different components and documents such as:

  • Mechanical structure (e.g. a plastic case)
  • Electronic design
  • Assembly
  • Hardware requirements
  • User Interface (UI/UX if required)
  • System integration if product is integrated
  • Material considerations like recycling
  • Safety regulations (RoHS, CE, FCC)

You also need to consider the ease of manufacture and assembly at this stage, which in turn goes hand in hand with cost optimization. Continue reading Electronic Product Compliance in Practice: By Fabien Gaussorgues