Product Labeling

Create product and packaging label files applicable to a wide range of products in the European Union and the United States. The editors cover CPSIA, textiles, and other product categories.

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US Document TemplatesUS Label Templates

CPSIA Tracking Label
CPSIA Tracking Label

Relevant for children’s products covered by the CPSIA

Textiles Label
Textiles Label

Relevant for apparel and other textile products

Country of Origin Label
Country of Origin Label

Required for most products sold in the United States

EU Document TemplatesEU Label Templates

General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) Label

Covers general labeling requirements for consumer products in the EU

Textiles Label
Textiles Label

Relevant for apparel and other textile products

Other Label Templates

General Label Editor

Need to create a label file for which we don’t have a template? Use the general label editor.………….

Why do I need to create product label files?

Labeling requirements of various kinds apply to essentially all consumer products sold in the EU and the US. For example, country of origin labeling is mandatory in the United States.

Further, children’s products sold in the US must have a tracking label. This often also applies to the packaging. Likewise, similar requirements exist in the EU and elsewhere.

Product and packaging labeling is often mandatory, and it’s up to you as an importer or manufacturer to ensure that your products are correctly labeled.

Which countries/markets do the label editor templates apply to?

We currently have templates applicable in the European Union and the United States. That said, you can use the General Label Editor to create and store label files required in other countries – such as the UK, Australia, and Canada.

At what stage should I create label files using the editors?

You need to ensure that your products are correctly labeled the moment the items come off the production line. Keep in mind that most labels must be permanently affixed – not attached in the form of a sticker that can be easily removed.

You must therefore create all relevant label files before your products enter production. If you work with outsourced manufacturing it’s important to submit all files to your manufacturer at the same time – or before – you place your order.

What am I supposed to do with the label files I create?

You must submit all label files to your manufacturer, or use the files internally if you are manufacturing products for yourself.

Keep in mind that you may also need to use Adobe Illustrator if you wish to add additional graphics – or apply the downloaded label file to an existing design (e.g. packaging artwork).

What can happen if my products are not correctly labeled?

Products that are not correctly labeled can be subject to recalls, or removed from marketplaces such as Amazon.

Do you have templates for all required product and packaging labels?

No, we only provide the templates listed on this page. We do not include templates for all label types in existence – including in the EU and US. Further, additional labeling requirements sometimes do apply to products covered by document templates provided.