Example A: Questions
Ticket 1

Ticket 1

Example B: File review
Ticket 2

Ticket 2

Example C: Lab test assistance
Ticket 3

Ticket 3

Support Examples


Ask questions (max 5) related to a single compliance requirements list = 1 ticket

Create a Product Compliance Requirements list (Link) using the platform


Request help to create/review a product certificate = 1 ticket

We use the Product Certificate Templates (Link) to create certificates/compliance documents


Request help to create/review a label file = 1 ticket

Use the Label Templates (Link) to create label files


Request lab test booking assistance = 1 ticket

We help you request a quote and coordinate sample submission


Review supplier test reports and other compliance documents = 1 ticket

We can review and verify documents with the issuing entity

Clothing & textiles

Send a list of questions = 1 ticket

General guidance only. We do not offer standards assessments or legal advice

Risk Disclosure

Read the Risk Disclosure to understand how the features of the Compliance Gate Platform were created. We also explain the limitations and risks of each feature.

Asking questions

1. We can normally only “answer” questions that are related to a compliance requirements list.

2. Sometimes, we need to take a closer look at the source texts to provide an answer. However, we can only do so in so far that the source text (e.g. regulation or guidance page) provides an answer to the question. Keep in mind that regulations and guidance pages don’t provide clear answers to every possible scenario, but are more general.

3. We cannot guarantee that any answer we provide covers every single possible scenario or outcome.

4. Notice that we can never make our own interpretations concerning regulations.

Label and document reviews

1. We can only review label files generated using our templates. This means that we compare it to the template fields. We do not and cannot “confirm” or “verify” if the information in the file (e.g. company name or SKU) is correct in itself or generally compliant.

2. We normally do not review label files that have not been generated using our templates.

3. We do not ‘approve’ or ‘confirm’ labels, documents, certificates, or other files – including those generated using the templates. We cannot know that the information entered is accurate and correct.

What kind of questions can we ask?

You can ask general questions about the compliance process. We can also recommend service providers in our network. This includes testing companies and consultants.

  • Ask questions about information in generated compliance requirements lists
  • Ask questions about the general compliance process (e.g. lab testing and labeling)
  • Receive guidance to other official resources (e.g. government websites)
  • Request recommendations concerning testing companies, and other service providers

However, we do not offer legal advice, engineering/technical advice or confirm applicable regulations or standards for specific products.

How long does it take to receive a response?

We normally respond within 2 days (Mon – Fri). However, it can take 5 to 8 days for questions that require additional research.