List of CPSIA Consulting Companies: Our Top 8 Picks

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CPSIA consultant companies

Ensuring The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliance requires a thorough understanding of safety standards, certification, lab testing, labeling, and small parts requirements. Rather than managing the CPSIA compliance on their own, many importers and manufacturers opt to work with professional consultants.

In this guide, we list consulting companies offering CPSIA compliance services in the United States.


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What kind of services do CPSIA consultants offer?

CPSIA consultants can help you to determine the CPSIA requirements based on your products, for example, certificates of conformity and lab-testing. In general, CPSIA consultants can provide consulting services as listed below:

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PC Squared Consultants

PC Squared Consultants is an Arkansas-based consulting firm, providing product safety, compliance, and quality services for importers, manufacturers, and retailers. PC Squared Consultants was founded by Paul Chen, who was formerly of the Product Safety & Compliance division at Walmart Inc.

They cover a wide range of consumer products such as toys, sporting goods, children’s and infant products, and electrical products. They provide custom CPSIA consultation services including testing program development, GCC/CPC certificates, labeling compliance, and other regulatory compliance assistance.

Product Areas
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Sporting goods
  • Arts & crafts
  • Small appliances
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Product risk and integrity assessment
  • Testing program development
  • Design safety and hazard assessment
  • CPSC recall database analysis
  • GCC/ CPC certificate
  • Labeling compliance evaluation

Address: PO Box 821, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Compliance Services International

Compliance Services International (CSI) was founded in 1988 to serve its clients with environmental assessment and regulatory compliance. The company has three offices in North America, Europe, and Ireland. Their clients include multinational firms and small businesses.

They claim that they have extensive experience dealing with US regulatory compliance. They offer CPSIA assistance such as documentation, data review, regulatory due diligence, risk assessment, client representative, and litigation support.

Product Areas
  • Children’s products
  • Pre & post submission liaison
  • Data review & evaluation
  • Dossier preparation and submission
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Risk assessment
  • Toxicology and chemistry consultation
  • Client representative

Address: 7501 Bridgeport Way West Lakewood, WA 98499, United States


Stinson is a law firm with over 450 attorneys in 13 offices nationwide in the US. They specialize in practical legal guidance to regulatory compliance including CPSIA. They claim that they had experiences with CPSIA compliance of consumer products such as toys, infant products, infant feeding pillows, and more.

They can evaluate product warnings and labels for compliance with CPSIA on client behalf, and also provide preventative risk management strategies, product recall guidelines, and intellectual property rights consulting.

Product Areas
  • Children’s products
  • Consumer products
  • Durable infant and toddler products
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Product testing program
  • Design of instruction manuals and labels
  • Trademark, copyright, and patent research
  • Product recall actions and procedure

Address: 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Suite 800, United States

Promotional Consultants

Promotional Consultants is a consulting firm that provides services related to product safety, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance. They offer compliance assistance for promotional products such as gadgets, t-shirts, tote bags, as they have over 35 years of experience in the promotional products industry.

They claim that their team has earned the Product Safety Awareness program. They can assist with CPSIA product quality, product safety, social compliance, and an ethical supply chain. Also, they can help you with CPSIA testing, inspection, and quality control.

Product Areas
  • Promotional products
  • CPSIA compliance supports
  • CPSIA regulation update
  • CPSIA testing
  • Quality inspection
  • Manufacturing management

Address: 214 Chesterfield Industrial Boulevard, St.Louis, MO 6300, United States

Jacoby Solutions

Jacoby Solutions is a product-based consulting firm that specializes in helping companies achieve ongoing CPSIA and CPSC compliance. They claim that they are CPSC-approved Product Safety Coordinators and can help with implementing the CPSIA process and policies for retailers, importers, and Amazon sellers.

Their software, CPSIA Ready, gives manufacturing and importing companies the ability to comply with all aspects of the CPSIA. It is a cloud-based software platform that you can use to create compliance certificates, create and manage test plans, and store test reporting and compliance documentation.

Product Areas
  • Children’s products
  • Regulatory compliance consulting
  • CPSIA training
  • CPSIA product quality and safety
  • Safety and quality announcement templates
  • CPSIA compliance plan development
  • CPSIA documentation requirement

Address: 3646 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90807, United States


Dentons is a multinational law firm founded in 2013, by the merger of SNR Denton, Fraser Milner Casgrain, and Salans. They offer business solutions in over 77 countries in North America, Europe, and the Asian Pacific.

They can help manufacturers, importers, distributors with CPSIA compliance, including regulatory investigations, manage product recalls, develop product safety programs, and product design development.

Product Areas
  • Children’s products
  • Product recall assistance
  • Corrective action for CPSIA
  • Social media and consumer messaging
  • CPSIA compliance consulting
  • Consumer product safety programs

Address: 233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 5900, Chicago, IL 60606-6361, United States

Barnes & Thornburg

Barnes & Thornburg is a law firm founded in 1982, with 19 offices in the US. They provide services for regulatory compliance including CPSIA. They cover products in education, entertainment, healthcare, and other industries.

They offer CPSIA compliance services such as lab testing plans, supply chain solutions, and labeling reviews.

Product Areas
  • Education products
  • Entertainment products
  • Healthcare products
  • CPSIA regulatory compliance review
  • Product safety plan development
  • Testing plan
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Labeling review

Address: 11 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204-3535, United States

Bay Consulting

Bay Consulting is an independent consultancy specializing in manufacturing, importing, and distributing children’s products. The Co-founder – Jackie Freeman – is also active in the education of CPSIA to amusement industries, and she was involved in several public meetings with the CPSC to provide public comments to assist the commission with interpretation.

They provide consultation services for CPSIA packaging specification, tracking information, and catalog planning. They also provide monthly training workshops to educate buying groups on CPSIA requirements.

Product Areas
  • Children products
  • CPSIA testing requirements
  • Testing schedules development
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • CPSIA tracking information
  • CPSIA training

Address: Santa Ana, California, United States

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    • Request a free 30-minute call with Ivan Malloci to learn how we can help you with:
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    • Lab testing


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