• List of FCC Consulting Companies: Our 9 Top Pick

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    FCC consultant

    Ensuring compliance with FCC-related standards, labeling, testing, and certification requirements requires expertise that many importers and manufacturers don’t have in-house. As such, many businesses seek outside help – namely from consulting companies and other service providers specialized in the FCC compliance process.

    In this guide, we list some of the leading firms offering such services – everything from SDoC and technical file creation to ‘design for compliance’ engineering and debugging services.

    What kind of services do FCC consultants offer?

    There are many different requirements under the FCC regulations, and consultants often have a different service scope. Here are some examples of services offered by FCC compliance consultants:

    • FCC compliance review
    • Standards assessment
    • Design for compliance engineering services
    • SDoC drafting
    • Technical file creation
    • Project management
    • Lab testing
    • Registration
    • Licensing
    • Document filing and submissions

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    Sanders RF Consulting

    Sanders RF Consulting was founded in 2006 in the United States. They focus on radiofrequency and wireless product design, EMC, and EMI solutions. They can help with prototyping, testing, and debugging circuits and systems.

    They also specialize in FCC pre-compliance testing of radiated and conducted emissions. They have their own laboratory located in North Carolina, US, to develop and test products such as wireless and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

    Product Areas
    • Radiofrequency devices
    • Resolve latent EMC issues
    • EMC product design review
    • On-site EMC survey, diagnostic, and engineering
    • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) consulting
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) consulting

    Address: 205 Candun Dr. Suite E, Apex, NC 27523, United States

    FCC Consulting Services

    FCC Consulting Services is located in Trenton, NJ, and they provide IT consulting services to the manufacturing, telecommunications, financial, and government industries. They can help with technical support, wireless network assessments, and system integration.

    They claim that they have helped to deploy over 1 million devices in the market worldwide. They also partnered with VoxPlus to provide a comprehensive portfolio of fixed-line and value-added data networking, voice communications, and IT solutions.

    Product Areas
    • Radiofrequency devices
    • System integration
    • Product deployment and installation
    • Project management
    • Wireless network assessments
    • Cybersecurity
    • FCC deployment

    Address: 184 S Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Trenton, NJ 08608, United States


    iCertifi is a consulting company located in Oregon, United States. They specialize in regulatory approval, including engineering, testing, and international certification solutions. Their services cover most regions of the world – including North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

    They also provide FCC compliance services for radiofrequency devices, such as advice on relevant standards, and documentation, based on your device characteristics.

    Although they are not a testing company, they have relationships with several labs and the FCC Telecommunication Confirmation Body (TCB). As such, they can help you get access to the resources you need to get approval.

    Product Areas
    • Wireless devices
    • Telecom devices
    • RFID devices
    • Household appliances
    • FCC certification consulting
    • CE certification consulting
    • Bluetooth qualification
    • RoHS compliance consulting
    • Translation services
    • International standards identification

    Address: 56870 Venture Ln #213s, Sunriver, OR 97707, United States

    Testing Partners

    Testing Partners is a consulting company located in Ohio, United States. They provide compliance services for a wide range of products including consumer and industrial products. They specialize in FCC compliance services for importers and manufacturers.

    They can help you to create an SDoC, and file the equipment authorization application to the FCC. They can also review your documentation to ensure that you attached the necessary test reports and other information that might be needed to prove product compliance.

    Product Areas
    • Consumer products
    • Industrial products
    • Product compliance
    • FCC SDoC creation
    • Quality management systems
    • ADA compliance

    Address: 8440 East Washington Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44023, United States


    RMB has over 40 years of consultant experience helping businesses with regulatory compliance – including FCC regulations. They also offer accounting, auditing, and tax services. They are members of the BDO Alliance USA, which includes a large number of professional consulting firms in the US.

    They provide FCC consulting for the telecommunications and Information technology industries. For instance, they provide assistance in filling in the forms 499A, 499Q, and 477.

    Product Areas
    • Telecommunications
    • Information services
    • Regulatory compliance
    • FCC compliance and consulting
    • Systems implementation
    • Notice management

    Address: 2640 Youree Dr, Ste 100, Shreveport, LA 71104, United States

    Compliance Specialty International Associates (CSIA)

    CSIA is a third-party consulting company that provides FCC compliance services for importers and manufacturers, which include FCC testing, certification, and authorization. They can help you with FCC parts 11, 15, 18, 22, 24, 68, and 90.

    They claim that they have established relationships with regulatory agencies and laboratories worldwide. Therefore they can offer consulting services to clients in many markets including the US, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

    Product Areas
    • Electronic products
    • Radiofrequency equipment
    • FCC testing
    • Project management
    • Certificate holder service
    • Local representative

    Address: 61535 SW Hwy 97, Suite 5635, Bend, Oregon 97702, United States

    H.B. Compliance Solutions

    H.B. Compliance Solutions is an ANAB accredited ISO 17025 testing laboratory in the US. They have over 10 years of experience offering a wide range of certifications and consultation services including FCC-related topics for consumer products and medical devices.

    Also, they can provide help for similar regulations in Canada (ISED), and the European Union (EMC and RED directives). You can contact them for a free preliminary consultation.

    Product Areas
    • FCC testing
    • FCC certification
    • Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB)
    • TCB submission
    • FCC consulting
    • Project management

    Address: 5005 S. Ash Avenue, Suite A-10, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States


    TCA is a consulting firm that provides services for telecommunications providers and their affiliates. They have over 30 years of experience helping telecommunication companies with project management, financial and regulatory matters.

    Their team specializes in regulatory issues including FCC regulation. They can help you to identify issues with FCC compliance and provide solutions. In addition, they also provide FCC training to their clients.

    Product Areas
    • Telecommunication industry
    • FCC regulatory compliance
    • FCC consulting
    • FCC report filing
    • FCC training

    Address: 526 Chapel Hills Drive, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States

    Node Consulting Services LLC

    Node Consulting was founded by Shane Dickson, who is a Project Management Professional (PMP) certified engineer and also a lecturer at Texas A&M University. They are a consulting firm that offers services for engineering design, project management, field services, PMO development, and FCC regulatory compliance services.

    They can provide FCC license management services, including new applications, renewals, modifications, or cancellations. Also, they provide training programs for software applications, retainer mentors, and executive education.

    Product Areas
    • Radio frequencies devices
    • FCC regulatory compliance
    • Licensed management services
    • Antenna structure registrations (ASR)
    • New applications, renewals, modifications, cancellations
    • Waiver request
    • Project management
    • Mentor and training program

    Address: 8403 Justin Avenue, College Station, TX 77845, United States

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