• List of REACH Consulting Companies: Our 9 Top Picks

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    REACH compliance consulting firms are specialized in helping importers, brands, and manufacturers comply with the EU REACH regulation. For example, this includes everything from understanding the specific chemical and heavy metals restrictions for certain products and materials, lab testing services, documentation, and registration.

    In this guide, we list some of the world’s leading consulting firms offering REACH compliance services. While REACH is an EU regulation, many of the listed companies are based outside the European Union, including the United States, China, and the UK.

    What kind of services do REACH consultants offer?

    REACH consultant companies offer services such as:

    They can help you to understand the REACH requirements for your product and develop a strategy to comply with these before you place your products in the EU market.

    A consultant company does not necessarily provide REACH testing service, as they are more specialized in how to get your product REACH compliant. Conversely, lab testing companies do not necessarily provide guidance for REACH compliance, as they are more focused on the chemical testing aspects.

    Note that some of these services, such as REACH registration on REACH representative, are only relevant for companies that are manufacturing or importing substances in quantities greater than 1 ton per year.

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    REACH24H is a consulting company headquartered in China, with offices in South Korea, UK, and the US. They provide consultation services for the REACH regulation. For example, they have designed the RSCC (REACH Supply Chain Compliance) system to help manage REACH compliance data.

    Besides EU REACH consulting services, the company also offer services for non-EU similar regulations such as:

    • UK REACH
    • K-REACH
    • KKDIK (Turkish REACH)
    • US TSCA
    • China Hazardous Chemical Registration
    Product Areas
    • Cosmetics
    • Food contact material
    • Industrial chemicals
    • Agrochemicals
    • Foods
    • Chemical Safety Assessment and Chemical Safety Report (CSR) preparation
    • Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) preparation
    • REACH Supply Chain Compliance System-NEWRSCC
    • REACH training service
    • SVHC notification service
    • Registration service

    Headquarter address: 14th Floor, Building No. 3, Haichuang Technology Center, 1288 West Wen Yi Road, Hangzhou, China

    B-Lands Consulting

    B-Lands Consulting is a company located in France that provides consultancy services for EU regulations such as REACH and RoHS. They provide technical, administrative, and regulatory assistance in order to comply with applicable requirements. Further, they also offer REACH lab testing services.

    Product Areas
    • Consumer products
    • Chemicals
    • REACH assessment on chemical and mixtures
    • Supply chain management
    • REACH registration
    • REACH testing assessment
    • SDS/MSDS/eSDS authoring

    Address: World Trade Center, 5 Place Robert Schuman, 38025 Grenoble, France

    Reach Chemconsult

    Reach Chemconsult is a consulting company located in Germany, which provides chemical assessment services to ensure compliance with European regulations, including REACH. They offer customized services for the assessment of chemicals, and also toxicity tests to verify compliance with REACH.

    Product Areas
    • Consumer products
    • Cosmetics
    • Biocides
    • Comprehensive REACH consulting
    • REACH (late) pre-registration
    • REACH registration
    • REACH authorization
    • REACH third party representative
    • REACH testing
    • SVHC testing and screening
    • Supply chain management services

    Address: REACh ChemConsult GmbH, Strehlener Str. 14, 01069 Dresden, Germany


    EcoMundo is a consulting company headquartered in France, and offices in South Korea, Canada, UK, and Spain. They provide regulatory advice and strategy for the REACH process, including substance registration, REACH authorization, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and SVHCs traceability.

    Product Areas
    • Cosmetics
    • Biocides
    • Agri-food
    • REACH authorization
    • REACH registration
    • Traceability of controlled substances
    • Regulatory watch related services

    Headquarter address: 195 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

    REACH Support

    REACH Support is a consulting company located in the United Kingdom and provides REACH compliance services and chemical legislation advice. They have developed a REACH tool that allows the development of exposure scenarios suitable for communication with authorities and other stakeholders, in 18 languages. The tool also allows checking the SDSs from suppliers to make sure they contain sufficient information and meet the necessary obligations.

    Product Areas
    • Not specified
    • REACH registration dossier production
    • Preparation of Chemical Safety Assessments and Chemical Safety Reports
    • Guidance and support on dossier submission to the ECHA
    • Support in communicating with the ECHA
    • Help with IUCLID6 or REACH-IT
    • Interpretation of existing analytical data

    Address: PO Box 431, Fleet, GU51 9BP, United Kingdom

    Enviropass Expertise

    Enviropass Expertise is a consulting company that offers product compliance solutions in the environmental field. The company aims at providing importers, manufacturers, private labels, or other parties from the industry of consumer products expert insights in regulatory, product design, and chemical compliance.

    Currently, Enviropass’s mainly helping customers looking to place their products in the European Union, United States, Canada, and Japan to comply with the environmental safety requirements. Their services cover electronic and electrical products, furniture, toys, and medical devices.

    Enviropass’s customer support and liability insurance services are offered on-demand in the following languages:

    • English
    • French
    • Chinese
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • German
    • Persian
    Product Areas
    • Electronics
    • Household appliances
    • Batteries
    • Packaging
    • General consumer products
    • REACH SVHC consulting
    • RoHS consulting
    • POP (Persistent Organic Pollutants) – Halogen Free consulting
    • Ecodesign compliance
    • WEEE consulting
    • Product assessments and testing
    • Conflict minerals in the USA and the EU consulting
    • California Proposition 65 consulting
    • Environmental compliance training
    • Environmental management systems – EMS ISO 14001 – Audits ECA

    Address: 1750 St-Louis, Montreal, QC, H4L5N4, Canada


    TSG is a REACH regulatory consultant that has offices in the US, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, and the UK. They guide chemical companies to fulfill REACH obligations, including registration, authorization, evaluation, and restriction. Also, they provide compliance assessments and training for REACH.

    Product Areas
    • Consumer products
    • Industrial products
    • Medical products
    • Agrochemicals
    • Biocides
    • REACH registration
    • REACH authorization
    • Creation of substance reports
    • ECHA substances evaluation
    • REACH only representative
    • REACH notifications
    • Advice on restricted substances

    Address: Concordia House St. James Business Park Grimbald Crag Court Knaresborough, North Yorkshire HG5 8QB, United Kingdom


    ComplianceXL is a consulting company that provides a one-stop solution for supply chain compliance requirements. Their services include roadmaps for REACH regulation. For example, identify regulatory obligations, develop compliance strategy, create documents, and establish systems for compliance review.

    Product Areas
    • Not specified
    • REACH compliance training
    • Supplier declarations and certification
    • Full Material Declaration (FMD)
    • REACH Reporting
    • REACH Data Maintenance/refresh

    Address: Enventure Engineering LLC 200, West Madison Suite 2100, PMB 725 Chicago, IL 60606, United States


    CAPLINQ is a consulting company that offers a large array of REACH services. For example, they provide REACH pre-registration, declarations, and testing services. They are also registered REACH ORO (Only Representative Organisation) members.

    Product Areas
    • Not specified
    • REACH only representative services
    • REACH consulting on Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
    • REACH registrations
    • REACH compliance of complex articles
    • REACH testing

    Headquarter Address: Industrieweg 15E, 1566JN Assendelft, The Netherlands

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